Charlie by April / Mama and your best friend of all time!

I recieved Charlie when I was only 5 years old. Me and him quickly became best bud 7 years went by. And then one day I noticed he was getting more aggressive and causing alot of trouble. My grandmom said she was going to get rid of him but I never believed her.

Then one day I came home and I noticed Charlie was gone I started panicing and then I asked my parents where he was. They said the pound and all I did was fall to the ground and cry and scream in disbelief. Finally I talked them into going back and giving him another shot. But when I got up there I was so happy and then we went up to the front desk and they told me the worst news I have ever heard that my baby died. I was so sad I cried. Everything seemed dull.

Then one day my friend saw how sad I was and gave me a puppy her dog had given birth to. Ihe good news was that the little puppy was the child of Charlie. She reminds me of him so much.
Her middle name is Charlen, beautiful.


I will always love you!!