Charlie by Jennifer and Eran Charny / Jennifer, Eran, Yael and Noa

Charlie came into our lives after my mother passed away in January 1992. She was the bundle of fur that helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. She was only 6 weeks old and lived with us until the grand old age of 13 1/2. She was the most loving, patient and friendly dog that you could ever imagine.

Studied at University and then came to Israel where she started her life as an Israeli doggy. Charlie welcomed Daisy when we found her and all the cats that came into our lives with love and patience.

Charlie was the fastest dog on the block, she could run after her ball like a rocket and could play with other dogs for hours! She loved water, in her youth, Charlie would swim in the sea, or in lakes no matter how cold they were. She would them come out and roll about in whatever sand or muck that she could find! Charlie loved to be outside – it is a shame that she spent too much of her life at home waiting for us to come home.

Eventually, Charlie got old and life became more difficult for her, she suffered from a stroke, then her knees went and eventually it was very difficult for her to move. Charlie was brave and never complained – she underwent operations in the hope to give her a better quality of life.

Unfortunately Charlie was never able to run or play with Daisy again. I hope that Charlie is now happy, looking down on us smiling.

It was the most difficult decision that we have ever had to make, we hope that it was the right one – we loved you so much and we miss you so much Charlie, hope that you are now happy and at peace.


Missing you but in our hearts forever,
Jennifer and Eran Charny