Charlie by Joyce and Kevin Pennell / Love Mom, Dad, and Amanda

Charlie, it has been 12 days since you left us and our hearts still ache for you. We got your ashes today and we put them on the dresser where you liked to be. We love you so very much Charlie and we miss you meowing to wake us up to feed you, play with you, or just cuddle with you. When you got sick, we never tired of the twelve-hour shifts that we did. You were very special and you touched not only our lives but also visitors to our home and the staff at the vet. You were an amazing cat and you always greeted us at the door when we came home even though you were so sick. When we would go to the vet to see you, you always rubbed our heads even though the IV’s were making you uncomfortable. You bounced back so many times Charlie.

I thought that you would this time as well. However, your kidneys would no longer allow you to go on. We only had eight short years with you. You did so much for us listening when we had a bad day, cuddling up when you could see we were sad, and loving us unconditionally as we do you. Charlie you were amazing, unlike any cat I have ever known. I know I will meet you in heaven at some point. Until that time please remember Charlie, you will always be truly loved and always truly missed.


Missing You,
10, Dec 2007
Joyce and Kevin Pennell