Charlie by Shannon


" Charlie "

March 1981 ----- May 21 1998

Tabby Cat

Charlies Song


Lovely Orange Kitten;

My Angel on the wing,

Dancing in the window,

listening to the birds sing.


You are my loving soul mate,

Your eyes so caring and bright

I miss your gentle mewing,

Your soft purr in the night.


You were my vivid cat of bronze,

My every hearts delight,

And now the days are lonely,

I miss the awesome sight,


of you in regal splendor,

sitting in the sun,

or laying there upon my lap,

Or chasing bugs for fun.


Now you reside in heavens light,

With all the special others,

That God has called back home,

Cat sisters and cat brothers.


Play my Angel in the clouds,

Dance in Golden Sun,

And someday you will be with me,

At the gate,and We'll be One!