Charlie by The Benson Family / Mommy Daddy Mikey, Sadie, Bud & Wrigley

Charlie you came into our lives as a stray 1 day after the worst news the day when your daddy was laid off from his job. You were well groomed and clean not looking at all like a typical stray. When you snuggled against my legs you had found your new forever family. We didn’t have the money for another pet but we made it work and you were worth it. You were so joyful and happy and always made us smile. After you adjusted to your new home it seemed like you had been there all our lives. You took over the house and put your 45 pound lab sister in her place a few times but she returned the favor. The cats came to tolerate you but you always made a game out of letting them pass by. I will miss snuggling with you on the sofa and bed watching you play with all of Mikey’s friends and even your never ending game of fetch with that rope bone. You were only with us a year and a half when on that fateful day you jumped off the sofa and hurt your back. We so wished to be able to afford the $6000 surgery. I tried everything I could to come up with the money. In the end because the pain medication and prednisone didn’t work the vet said surgery would most likely be unsuccessful and you could have ended up in even more pain. After 3 days of torture and watching you turn into a completely different dog with terrible pain in your eyes we made the hardest decision ever. We gave you peace. Your daddy was there in a quiet dimmed warm room. He watched you take your journey to the rainbow bridge. We will miss you forever and you will always be in our hearts. Look for Grandma Emily. She will take care of you. Play with all our other furbabies until we meet again.


With All our Love Forever
18, Mar 2011
The Benson Family