Charlie the 4th by Sandy / Mom and Sandy

Dear Charlie, my little pip squeak..

I’m so sorry I haven’t been around to give you attention alot myself ever since you were baby.. Mom really love you. She loveeeee the way you acted and squeal for attention and of course foods! ha ha.. I’m sorry Charlie that I wasn’t there for you when you passed. Sometime you were very annoying when you squeal…BUT hey I still love you, Charlie.. I’m gonna miss your kisses, shirt pulling (annoying ha ha ha everytime I passed you; you know I’m coming and peek out and grab my shirt.. very mean of you) I will also miss your purring sound of happiness.. I really gonna miss you… We had a good 3 and half years, didn’t we..
Gosh I miss you already..

I hope you will forgive me for not getting attention from me.. but you have been getting attention from Mom.. I’m always gone on weekend.. Charlie, you will not ever replace any other. You were nothing like them or never would be like you. I am not gonna get another one because I wanted you. You were the sweetest and never bite in your life. Boy you do hate hair cut you would click your teeth..
ha ha I never forget that..

Sleep well, my friend, and
hope we will meet again.
Love you..


With love,
Charlie the 4th
20, Oct 2007