Charm by Natasha Paradis / Mommy, Grammy & Grampy

Charm came home to live with us at Christmas in 1999. My Mom bought Charm, a big cage, and lots of treats, and accessories at the pet shop to surprise me. He was an adorable white hamster and he learned things really fast. He was my baby and my parents grand furbaby. He loved to walk around on my Mom’s desk and on her keyboard
as she spoiled him with treats all the time.

He loved to eat chinese food with my mom right off her plate. This is something she started and everytime she had her meals he would be right there. My dad would put him on his desk and feed him carrot sticks. Every Friday we bought him special treats like honey sticks etc.

He loved to play on the track in his ball and the dogs would look after him if we said “look after the baby”. If Charm rolled toward the kitchen the dogs would roll him back to the room. For hours at a time, he would nuzzle inside my top and around my neck, and would even come out once in awhile to nibble at my lips. He was so very special and
was the light of my days.

Then In March, Charm became suddenly very ill. We rushed him to the vet in a snow storm but we were told it was time for Charm to leave us. We were told a hamster has a short life span and that we were very lucky to have had him for almost three years. The poor baby was suffering terribly so we had to ease his pain and let him go to his new home, he would be pain free and make new friends. I held him crying and talking to him until the vet said he was at peace. Then my Mom held him and said “Grammy will miss you so much” then she kissed him goodbye and I held him one last time.

Charm’s angel urn is home now and although I know he had a great life with me now. I still miss him and so do my parents. He will always be loved and never forgotten. His name was Charm because he was Charming to all of us. That was our Charm.


Natasha Paradis