CHAS by Mr & Mrs Towers / Daddy and Mummy

In memory of Our Chas our Boy

I am lying awake thinking of you,
and all the things we used to do.
We’ll miss our walks our times together,
we wished it could have been forever.
When we’re awake and your not there,
it makes our lives so hard to bare.
You made us so happy when you was alive,
we don’t know why you had to die.
We loved our times that we all had,
you comforted us through all our bad.
When we was down you gave us a kiss, our closeness Chas is what we’ll miss.
The lovely memories that we have made,
will stay with us and never fade.
The rooms are empty now your not there,
to lose you now its just not fair.
We sit here looking over at the chair,
and feel sad and lonely now your not there.
When I look in your Daddies eyes,
I see a reflection how I feel inside.
When we come home and reach for the door,
we realize your not here no more.
We are totally hurt with losing you,
and just don’t know what we will do.

We looked into your eyes that day,
they were full of sadness and dismay.
We didn’t know what to do,
while watching what you went through.
We knew it was time for you to sleep,
know this our boy this hurt us deep.
The hardest thing we had to do,
was having to let go of you.
There’s no more pain for you to bare,
we ended it because we care.
Forgive us Chas for letting you go,
we had no choice we hope you know.

You were our boy and our best friend,
we hope one day our hearts will mend.
We hugged and kissed and said goodbye,
our hearts just broke watching you die.
One thing our love we want you to know,
how much we truly loved you so.
When it’s our time we’ll be together,
I promise you then it will be forever.
It’s hard to take now were apart,
you are still with us in our hearts.
God bless we love you our little one,
run free be happy our little son.

Love Daddy, Mummy, Sarah, Neil, Nikita and Inka.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Chas our boy,
2, July 2007
Mr & Mrs Towers