Chauncy by Dana Bateman / Dana, Mark & Evan

I was just 8 years old when i saw you being born. You were the first kitten, and I fell in love with you instantly. I was a lonely little girl, and you were my very best friend. You followed me to school, the park and even up trees. I knew you knew how badly I needed you.

You were like my shadow, you were always by my side and even let me hug you so tight when I cried. When I was so young, I never imagined the end. I could have never guessed that you’d see me grow up, get married, and even meet my son. I know you held on as long as you could for us, especially for me. We fought so hard to keep you going to keep you healthy.

You let me know when you were ready, but not even 18 yrs was enough to prepare me for goodbye.

I held you in my hands the day you were born, and it was me, your momma, who held who held you so close the moment you passed. You died on a beautiful spring morning.

I had only 8 short years without you in my life, every day I can remember, you were there. Tomorrow will be the 1st full year since you passed. I think about you every single day, and I visit you as much as I can but it doesn’t hurt any less. Forever has never felt so long.

Oh my Chauncy cat, one day we will be forever young together, you wait for me at that bridge.


We love you,
21, May 2008
Dana Bateman