Riley by Diane Collins / Love,

Mom and Dad

Our sweet boy, Riley passed on to heaven yesterday, May 29, 2009. Our hearts are broken and we can hardly bare the grief. He wasn’t just our little commuter dog, he was our son for 17 years. In the last year he bravely managed heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease and melanoma cancer of the mouth. He was so strong and cooperative while taking his medications and treatments. He understood that we were helping him and returned to us lots of love and kisses. In the last four days the doctors found tumors in his stomach which were internally bleeding and caused him to develop anemia. It made him too weak to walk, lift his head or even cope with daily life. We couldn’t let him suffer anymore and returned him to God with the help of
Encina Veterinary Hospital.

Riley died with dignity in Al’s and my arms. He will join the rest of our gang up at Bubbling Wells Pet Cemetery in Napa on June 2, 2009. He was truly a gift from heaven because he was delivered by the Lord to our backyard through a hole in the fence 3 years after the lost of my beloved dog Brandy many years ago. Riley was a clone of Brandy in color, breed and gender but with a personality all his own. For all that knew him he will be remembered for the tuft of hair on his head that I left when I groomed him. He loved everyone and especially loved all his cat brothers and sisters.

Most of all he loved his Mom and Dad. He was a stray that entered our lives and changed us forever. He will never be forgotten and will remain in our hearts.

A special thanks to Dr. Matteson and Dr. Aitchison at Tracy Veterinary Hospital and their staff for all the years of extraordinary care.

Thanks to Dr. Nurre and Dr. Johnson at Encina Veterinary Hospital and their staff for extending his life.

Thanks to Dr. Kimmel for her compassion
at the end of his life.

Also thanks to all that knew Riley and loved him.
He loved you too.


Riley, we will love and miss you so much. Thank you for being such a awesome dog. Until we meet again.
29, May 2009
Diane Collins