Four years ago I lost my my dog Chelsea. She was an Australian

Shepherd mix that I adopted from Pets Mart. I went into the store to pick

up a new collar for my dog Piggy. As I entered the store I noticed an adorable

fuzzy puppy. Needless to say she went home with me and my new collar!!

Chelsea was 6 weeks old and as I said she was an Australian Shepherd mix.

Her coloring was Blue Merle. She had a grey-blue background color with

black spots all over her. She was absolutely adorable! I am the type of

person who bonds with animals immediately. So the moment I took her

home from the store I was her Mommy!

During one of her follow-up visits with the vet. when she was 9 weeks of

age we discovered she had a heart problem that needed to be corrected by

surgery. Many individuals told me to take her back and get a new puppy.

That was absolutely out of the question! She was my baby. I gave her

the heart surgery and she healed wonderfully.

Not too long after her surgery maybe 5 months I went through a divorce.

I moved in with my mother with Piggy and my best friend took Chelsea for

me. I was still her mommy but my friend was kind enough to let Chelsea

live with him. That was in May. When Chelsea lived with Bill I was over

at his home all the time to see my baby. She always knew I was her Mom.

That following January Chelsea got out of Bill’s yard and was hit by a

car. Bill had her cremated for me so that she is with me always. To

this day I think about her. She was the first puppy I ever had ( I found

Piggy on the streets) and I continue to love her very much.

I have just recently bought a house. I often walk through the house and

wish Chelsea would be here with me. I don’t think that you ever stop

grieving for something that you loved. I just think that time puts some

distance between you and the loved one and lessens the pain.

I sometimes look at Piggy and know that someday I will have to go through

that pain again.

But having them for the time we do makes it all worth it.