Chester-Baby by Chrissie / Love,

Mummy, Daddy and Brother Solo

This is the story and life
of my wonderful Horse Chester-Baby
always known as Mr. Naughty!

When I got Chester, he was a little under weight his fur was rough and dull. But he looked gorgeous!

Chester was only 17 months when I brought him. I brought him because he was the brother of my other horse Solo.

We knew Chester wasn’t well cared for with his previous owner but we just thought it was the general things like hooves coat and mane?

We was so wrong. Chester became very un easy to handle he use to break in the feed shed break out of his paddock and be greedy over food. We managed to sort his behavior for a while.

Then a few months later he started to kick out at us when we put his rug on. We thought it could be his back but it wasn’t further tests by our local vet told us he was losing weight and was becoming weak. We couldn’t understand why he was getting the same amount of feed as Solo and Solo was fine.

Solo & Chester were due a wormer so we put them on a five day course. Chester was good with his wormers but he had never had this one before and its pretty strong on a young horse.

We noticed he wasn’t improving and wasn’t even eating. Then he collapsed and fell I knew it was over.

Vets rushed to save his life, but he was to weak. They diagnosed him with Worms. How could this be, he’s been wormed? The Vet replied yes but did his previous owner worm him? I didn’t know I was scared I didn’t want to lose him.

The finally he became dangerously weak and he had started to lose his intestines due to the worms laying eggs on his gut.

I remember these words like they were yesterday and I’m pretty sure there haunt me for the rest of my life.
“I’m sorry there’s nothing we can do.”
I knew it was only fair to let him go,
make him free from the suffering and pain.

This poem is Dedicated to Chester-Baby xoxox

I see you face inside my mind
This pain in my heart is so unkind
I wake up each day knowing you have gone
But don’t worry baby it’s not for long
I’ll be with you again one day
I know you are not far away
I bet your galloping in the sky
Wondering why I need to cry
Sometimes it helps to heal the pain
and take away the stressful strain
I miss you babe, it’s so unfair
I’m screaming and pulling out my hair
All I can do is give you some grace
Because Chester-Baby your in a better place.


Goodbye My Brave Boy,