Chestnut by Ashley



April 1 1991 ----- June 3 2000

Chocolate Labrador

I loved you more then I thought that I ever would.

I trusted you more then anything else that I could.

You were always there for me for my stories and for my tears.

I have known you for over half of my life

even though you only lived 9 years.


I know your pain has ended but mine has just begun.

I keep thinking of you chasing me

when I was little and we were having fun.


You use to run right around the tree trying to catch my little feet.

You never would actually hurt me though

because you were far too sweet.


You loved to eat so much and

you always got everything off the floor.

I will have to be more cautious

now because you are not there anymore.


I picked you out from all the puppies

you were the most special I knew that from go.

You licked and wagged your tail

and always let your happiness show.


Now when I look under the desk I keep hoping that I will see you.

I can't believe that you left me this nightmare can't be true.


You were so beautiful especially to me.

People would stop to look at your brown coat and

green eyes because you are the most

beautiful dog that anyone will ever see.


You use to like to chase cats and squirrels

even though I know you were afraid.

Way back when I was little

I use to write Chestnut on everything I made.


I always loved you so much I wonder if the pain will ever go away.

It feels like you have been gone an eternity

but in reality it has not even been a day.


I have such a collection of pictures and of statues and

everything else that remind me of you.

Whenever I look at these things

I will think of you and be blue.


You never cared about what I did

along as I rubbed your head I was your best friend.

I never thought my time with you would have to come to an end.

Please watch over me and help me find my way.

Make sure you wait for me

so we can be together again....some day.