Chewy by Tina / Mommy

My Little Fuzzy Angel

God sent me an angel,

With a big heart of gold,

All warm and fuzzy,

And a nose wet and cold,

One with short floppy ears,

And kisses for all,

A tail that never ceased to wag,

And one who loved to chase a ball,

Your wings never shown,

But I knew they were there,

Cause you had plenty of,

Unconditional love to share,

The day came to soon,

God said it’s time to go,

I tried not to cry,

But I miss you so,

I wanted to come with you,

But I have to stay,

I still have work to do,

But I’ll be home with you some day,

My little Angel is gone,

But your paw prints remain,

A tresure upon my heart,

To help ease my pain,

Until I come home to you,

God’s Dog you will be,

And rest assured I will never forget,

My little furry angel Chewy.


Always in my heart and thoughts,
7, Oct 2006