Cheyenne by Shawn Kennebeck / Mommy, Daddy, Brooke, Haley and Tar

How your heart breaks when you lose your friend
this can’t possibly be the end.
There is a hole where you once laid,
a hole in our hearts forever made.
You are missed, you are loved,
even though you rest in the heavens above.
We have cried for you the same tears
you once licked from our face,
but we know that heaven is a wonderful place.
If only we could take back that dreadful day and
stayed with you while you play.
You left us doing what you loved to do,
but we still blame ourselves too.
How our hearts broke when we lost our friend,
we can only hope you’ll be waiting in the end.


Forever in our hearts,
20, Sep 2005
Shawn Kennebeck