CHI CHI CHEUNG by Elaine Cheung / Mommy with love

My dearest Chi Chi,

It is the 7th day since you left us. It was too sad & sudden for Mommy lost two of my beloved babies only within 2 weeks¡¦ time. Especially your death was really too sudden to any body. I never expected you would leave me so soon. Except a bit too coughing, you looked perfectly active & healthy. Your begging face for sleeping with me on my bed, is still repeating in my mind in every lonely night. Even now, I still believe that you are still around me , or just
staying upstairs with Julie.

I know you missed your mother too much. And you felt too sad & lost without her. In addition, you worried that she could not see & find her way to any where without you. I know this was the reason why you chose to give up your own life to follow & stay with her. So I do hope you could meet your mother now, you could taking good care & loving each other as the old days. I know if you two are being together now, you will never be sad & alone any more.

Chi chi! You are such a good & brave boy! In the earth, you had taken very good care of Mui Mui for so many years. I feel so proud of having you in our family.

I will never forget the first day that we met. You are the most strongest & fat baby dog among the 6 puppies. I named you 33 because you were the third puppy of Mui Mui. And I fell in love with you immediately at my first sight, and decided to keep you with me forever in our house.

Time flew, it was more than 11 years we were being together. I went through so many up & down with you all by my sides. You all taught me how to love, how to give & gave me reasons to work so hard for our family. I am too old now, but you all are even much older and weaker than I am at your dog’s age. You all one by one left Mommy alone in this world. I know I have Baby Nicholas & daddy Joey with me, but my life is never be the same without you, Mui Mui , Tau Tau & doggies. And the house is so quiet & empty now with
only a few dogs left.

I love and miss too much to go; §One Two One Two; with you all in Tai Mei Tod. And having a big troop of dogs running wild at the park along the seaside. I love you all surrounding me & kissing me every single night when I am back from my works. I love to see you all in every minute. And I love every single moment we spend in these years.

Why I have everything now but without you all?? God! It is too cruel on me to live only with our memories.

Son! You will never know how much I miss you all & how lonely deep inside my hearts. No one could understand my pain & my thoughts for you all,except you all. Because I know every of you should miss me even much terribly
then I do to you.

Mommy is counting everyday back with Bay Bay Nicole & Micky now. They are really too bad in their health. It is hurting me to know that they will soon start their journey to join you. You are an angel now. Please tell mommy that are you ok now in the heaven. Do you have enough foods & treats as you normally have? Do you finally re-united with all your family? Are you ok there?? You never left me even one day in your life. I couldn’t; I imagine how
you could take care of yourself.

My baby boy! Listen to me. Be happy! Be free in the heaven of God! Enjoy & play happily there with your mom and all your sisters & brothers. Mom promise I will come to take you all with me again when my day comes. You should never miss the schedule to greet me there. Until there, be patient & help me take good care of everybody at the heaven and guard your Daddy Bay Bay Nicole & Baby Nicholas with your magic from the up-above.

Be confident with me. I will give up anything to meet you there. I do not dare how hard it will be. For me if a heaven not allowed my dogs to stay, I will choose to live
with you all in the hell.

I love you!
I will always love you &
remember you in my hearts.
See you son!

Mother Elaine
With love & many many kisses.


Goodbye my angel boy,
15, Sep 2005
Elaine Cheung