Mui Mui Cheung by Elaine Cheung / Mommy with love

Mui Mui Cheung
12 Dec 2001 – 31 Aug 2005

My dearest Mui Mui,

I miss you terribly! It was hurting me to know that you are alone on your road now. I wish my love & my blessing could really built a path for you to the Heave of God.
In these years, I never allow any other one to take care of you, except your dearest Auntie Julie. And now I could only feel safe if you could really in the hands of God.

My baby, please understand that I made this difficult decision this morning, all because Julie & I love you much. It was too much for your little body to suffer at this stage. You know well, mommy will do anything if I could keep you longer. However, Renal Failure will never recover. If I am so selfish & keep you longer here with me, you will only suffer much more as all your daughters did. Therefore, I have to let you go peacefully & with dignity.

Honey! You had lost your sight & suffered from sever skin disease for nearly your whole life. Now with the healing hands of God, you will be free from any pain & your eyes will see again. These were what our only God had promised us in our prayers.

So be free, be patient & be happy! Go & meet up with your 3 daughters, Tau Tau & Doggy. They will all happy to meet you again. And Mommy promise, I will always love you & remember you forever & ever in my hearts. And I sware, I must come to pick up all of you when my day comes. Until there, please always come and see me in my dream.

Once again thank you so much for living & fighting with me in these 14 years. I know because you love our family & me that much, you had suffered a lot to fight for your every single day. From you, I learned how to be strong woman and how to become a great mother. I feel so proud that I am your mother & having 8 of you in my life. You had filled my life with your unconditional love, unlimited supports and
your cutie & fatty face.

Mui Mui, my sweetie! I miss touching you! I miss your ¡§turn turn ¡§pose and your very long nails.
I miss everything about you!

My last command for you, Mui! You should never forget my face & my smell. I need you to lead all the dogs & my Dad to pick me up at the gate of the rainbow bridge. Therefore, we cross our fingers now! We will never
never lose each other.

In addition, please help me to tell my Dad & all the dogs I miss them much ! And tell them they should never miss the schedule to pick me up, on the day of our re-union. Otherwise, I will not offer them balls & bones.

And now you are an powerful angel ! Please guard our dog¡¦s family & Baby Nicholas always from the up-above.

I love you, my dearest baby girl!

Mother Elaine
With my endless love & blessing

31st August, 2005.


Goodbye, my dearest!!
Mui Mui Cheung
31, Aug 2005
Elaine Cheung