Chiba Rilla Roni by Pat / mom

“Aw, Chiba” … filled the air as I reached the back door
So different from times of our years before
Then seeing you helpless was so much to bare
No, its not time with a pleading prayer
“It’s okay, littah girl”, was all I could say
I’ll make you better like the last time.

The trust in your eyes to do what was best
And holding you close at humanities test
You must go with granny, this time you can’t stay
Times to follow the light … be young again, and play.

Twelve years of smiles we got to share
Red collars with diamonds round your neck
A little red bell that said you’re okay
Bravely chasing my granny’s devils away.

Be happy little girl, you find the new world
Mom’s smiling for you in all that you do.


Thanks for the smiles little Chibs,
Chiba Rilla Roni
25, June 2001