Chico by Deb Rosen / Debbie

“The Night Before”

I remember when you came to me
you had Ice Cream on your nose
I loved you right then
and knew I would to the end.

We had fun through the years
You were always all ears.
We walked and played the days away
I always thought you would stay.

The years went by
They seemed to fly
When you started to slow down
I wondered why.

Your muzzle now was showing gray
You grew weaker by the day
slowly but surely
You no longer wanted to play.

The day they told me you were very ill
I didn’t want to believe
I wanted to pretend
That our time would never end.

Here it is, the night before
and your knocking on heaven’s door.

It fills my heart with sorrow
Knowing we’ll have no tomorrow.

I promise to be by your side
Until the very end

It’s the least I could do
for my very best friend.


Love you always,
19, June 2003
Deb Rosen