Chip and Pepper by Donna Boutin / My Chip and Pepper


Pepper was first to come to my home.
Chip was next because pepper was alone.

The bums were sniffed and the girls knew
that they were sisters and that would do.

The wheels spun so loud and so fast
they also chewed on the timothy grass.

Grey and soft they groomed each other
they soon began to love one another.

Squeaking and bickering for a comfortable rest
in the large spaceship where they would nest.

Wednesday was cage day when I would scrub
for I would clean their cages in the tub.

Sunflower seeds and graham crackers were fav
because this was the food that they craved.

Typewriter sounds were always made
when toliet paper rolls were placed in the cage.

But sadly Pepper grew sick, weak and tired.
The next day I knew she would soon retire.

Chip was then left all alone
sad and quiet with no sounds from her home.

Broken hearted and loneliness grew
chip soon then retired. too.

Although I am sad and I still love them so
I am very glad I had them to love and to grow.

So helpless and small they needed a mom
and I am so glad that I was the one.


Love always your mom,
Chip and Pepper
13, July 2005
Donna Boutin