Chip by Laurie Chute / Laurie’s special gift

I will never forget the day Chip entered into my life. Going and seeing the puppies of a breeder down the road after deciding I wanted a special friend in my life was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

My brother and I went on a cold fall afternoon to look at some puppies that had been born. Arriving and meeting the parents of the puppies I knew this was the place as I felt right at home. The mother had a litter of 6 I believe and only 2 were left. I would have loved to have had them both but knew I could only get one. As the owner let the puppies out of the box they scooted across the kitchen floor in huge excitement.

Both were adorable but one I immediately fell in love with. His name was Chip, he was already named as he had been the favorite puppy out of the bunch but it did really match his personality. From that moment Chip picked out me and I picked out him. He was completely tan and big ears that stood straight up with a tail that was black and looked as if it had been dipped in paint. He must have only weighed 2lbs. He was adorable and I knew he was my long lost best friend. He was adorable and he loved to give you kisses and those big ears just made you smile. Signing the papers and getting his belongings he was ready
to join our happy home.

It was as if I was coming home from a hospital with a new born baby so small and precious and a bundle of joy. At the time I had been living with my brother and we had many laughs and alot of messes to clean up as he didn’t catch on to the potty training very quick. Oh well you couldn’t stay upset with that little face as it made your heart melt. About a month or two later I had moved back home with my family and they truly fell in love with him too. All though it took 4 months to potty train chip we adored his personality. Chip loved to give you kisses and hugs and couldn’t hardly wait till you sat down so you could cuddle.

Chip was hyper and funny and just a bundle of energy as he loved to play for hours. His tail would move so fast you would swear it was going to make him fly in the air and would sway back and forth. We soon called it his little pig tail as it was always curled and so amazing to watch. I had left to go away to school that fall but soon fell ill
and was back home again.

Chip definitely liked that and I did too. I had missed him a lot while I was gone. Well I was sick for about 6 months which was hard but Chip and I developed a very strong bond. After finally seven months later and feeling a little better I went back to work. Neither one of us liked that separation and when I would get home he would go nuts. I loved to spend every minute with him I could and he loved it at night when he got to go under my covers in my bed and snuggle down for the night. It was truly quite funny Chip always loved a blanket or covers to go under as he didn’t have much hair. So if someone laid down with a blanket he was soon to follow.

Well working and going to school I still took every chance I could and spent it with him. He went everywhere with me and once in a while I would even bring him to work and the patients loved that as I worked at the nursing home. He would run up and down those halls and visit everyone giving out plenty of kisses.

About 5 months later I developed a heart condition and soon had to cut back work and eventually stop. I’ve had a lot of rough times and trials but Chip always made me laugh and loved to lick away each tear drop. Chip was always on guard to see if I was okay and I did the same for him if he was ever sick.

During these last 2 years Chip helped me get through alot as he was always there to just comfort and listen and never judge. I knew him and he knew me we were truly one. He was my baby, my best friend, my companion, my joy, my laughter, my comforter, my special little buddy and most of all my little bundle of life. Chip truly was my world as I was pretty much bed bound. He loved to play with rocks and his toys as he had his own toy box.

I also have a cat and they would play for hours unless Chip would get a little rough and Jade would take off. Later though she usually got revenge which he never expected. Chip and I did everything together and he was my day as I was sick but he made my day special. Every morning he was my encouragement to get up and face the day. He loved my whole family and my mom would always call him her grand dog and he would go crazy.

My Aunt was also home with me each day and would bring me to appointments and on medicine runs. So she truly fell in love with him too. We just loved to give him treats and play with him and watch him run all over the house. He loved to go outside and play with rocks some that were even bigger than him and his back feet would go right up in the air it was a sure sight to see. As also when I would put on his little booties and sweater when the snow would come and Chip wasn’t very coordinated with the booties and I should have sent it to America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Chip was also a type of dog that loved to bark I swear he though he was a great dane or something as he would even steal a bone out of my brother’s Rotweillers mouth and play with her for hours.
That truly was something hysterical to see.

Chip had always been happy and spastic and full of life with only a few times of a flu big or a pulled muscle as he played so rough. So when May 25, 2004 came around it was a total shock. Only 3 weeks prior I had taken him to the vet and he thought he might have a sprained knee or slipped disc and sent Chip home with some mild steroids to try. I thought he would bounce back as nothing kept him down as he was always on the go.

Not this time though 12 days later I called the vet and said that the last couple of days chip had really gone down hill. He didn’t want to play or eat and had a hard time to stand or go to the bathroom as he got tippy and weak. I knew something was wrong I could sense it.

The next day I brought him into the vet and he did some more testing and decided he wanted to observe him over night so I did. Leaving him there was the hardest but I knew he needed to be watched and evaluated. Morning came and after talking with the vet about 5 times during the night we decided he should see a specialist.

My vet had contacted a neurologist in Portland and she thought that something was going on neurological wise. So my mom called in at work and we went to pick up chip. I knew then and there I was going to lose him but I had to do everything I could for him as he always did for me. My mom lost it as he was no longer that hyper Chip anymore. That 2 1/2 hour drive was the longest in my whole life and the hardest. Arriving after hugging, kissing, and talking to him the whole way right up until we arrived at the office. I checked him in and after an examination and then deciding to put Chip under anesthesia for testing the outcome was definitely not what we expected or really what we didn’t want to hear. 4 hours later and talking with the doctor twice and the results of the tests.

We received horrible news the doctor had found patches all over chip’s brain and she said he wouldn’t recover and he might only live a week if we brought him home. The doctor said Chip had a form of meningitis called GME and it was fatal. I had to make the hardest call in my life but I knew I didn’t want my baby to suffer.

I was shocked Chip was perfectly healthy 3 weeks prior and now he was going to be gone. Chip was still under anesthesia as My mom and and I entered the room and gave him a kiss and a hug and said our good-byes and told him it was okay to go and he had truly made our lives special and unforgettable. We then watched as she put Chip to sleep and took him off the machines and told us he was gone. We hugged him and thanked her for all she had done.Leaving that office I had come with my baby and now I was only leaving with his collar and blanket.

I remember as we stepped out of the office I completely broke down as my baby was gone and he wasn’t coming back. Even though I no longer wanted to see him in pain it was hard to let go.Chip was the best thing that ever came into my life and I can’t wait to see him again when we are both pain free. I love and miss Chip more than words can say.

He touched my life in a unbelievable way. Each day feels so hard to go through as Chip was a huge part of my world too. My Family and I will never forget those precious memories and how this little dog touched our lives in such a tremendous way.
Laurie Chute
I miss my Chiparoo


Engraved In My Heart Forever,
Laurie Chute