Chiquita Ann by Betty / Your Sis

My Precious Little Girl..

I never dreamed when I first laid eyes on you how you would make the next 13 years the Best years of my life. We went through so much in life together, and you were always there for me. Sickness and in health. We both battled so many illnesses. You were always so strong. You were my inspiration, my reason for living. You just couldn`t fight this battle and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn`t make you better. All I could do was give you my one last act of love. A decision that was the hardest one I`ve ever had to make. I just couldn`t bear watching you suffer anymore. Not a day goes by without thoughts and tears in my eyes. My Heart To You My Baby…

So many times I think of you as tears fill my eyes. I couldn`t make you better, but I just had to try. There was nothing in this world I wouldn`t have done for you. But our time was limited, in my heart I always knew. The wonderful years we had together, I guess I thought would last forever. With you beside me, I always knew, There was nothing in this world I couldn`t do. No matter the bad things life would bring, I had you, I had everything. The love we had, a special bond, Lives on forever, although you`re gone. The road ahead, it seems so long. Without you beside me, it`s hard to be strong. Although my heart is broken, you`re in a better place. To see you suffer, I just couldn`t face. It was all I had to set you free. Because I love you, it had to be. I long for the day,
we`ll meet again.

My precious little girl, and very Best Friend. You`re in my Heart, you`re never far. My little Chiquita, My Bright Shining Star …… Words from my heart as I write my poem to you and tears once again fill my eyes. I wrote this for you My Little Chiquita .. As my life was Always All About You …


Always Remember How Much Betty Loves You,
Chiquita Ann
21, Nov 2003