Chloe by Bonnie Richard / Bonnie & Alexis

This is how Chloe came into my life 18 yrs ago. This little black puppy with a white markings just took my heart from that first moment. She feel asleep in my arms on the way home that night, guess she knew she would be well taken care of from that moment on.

Her main toy had always been a tennis ball, before she could pick them up, she would just carry them around by the fuzz til they had no more fuzz. Later when we lived over at Sunlake Apts, it didn’t take long for her to know where all the tennis courts were located and she went “hunting” for tennis balls every chance she got. Full of play, she could entertain anyone for hours if they just kept throwing the ball. With Lake Ponchartrain right there, she also enjoyed many afternoons sitting on rock while the waves gently came in. If the ball would drift out, she would immediately bring it back in.

She’s taken part in alot of SPCA events through the years, Dog Day Afternoon was her favorite, but there has also been at Santa Paws every year and a few Bark in the Parks.

Chloe has been there for me through so many things in my life, my companion, confidant and best friend. Baby, your body may be gone but you will never be gone from my heart or the many other hearts that you have touched through the years.

Free Puppy to a Good Home has now gone to the best home possible !

Now, go find Grandma, I’m sure she’s been holding a treat for you . . . . .


With Love,
Bonnie Richard