Chloe by The Duncans / Mom & Dad

It was the Christmas season of 2004 and I was reading the local paper when I came across an urgent call from the SPCA for a foster home for a nursing golden retriever and her 5 pups who were all starving and near death. I called immediately and within a few hours, the family was in my home and the recovery process began. A month later, all the pups were healthy and were adopted by great families. Something happened though…I fell in love with the beatiful golden retriever with the frost-bit nose and pads, the big brown eyes, the mother who gave it all to save her pups.

So our life together began…from the far northern reaches of Canada to the state of Alaska. it was amazing to watch Chloe learn to swim for the first time…to watch her play with toys she never had before. It was so touching to watch her become happy, content and comfortable knowing that she was deeply loved by us all. A ten year old boy, who met Chloe for the first time became her pal. He named her “the love sponge.”

We used to laugh because all the other dogs in the neighborhood used to come over to our house to play with the “pretty blonde.” One evening I was about to put Chloe on the run, there were about four neighbourhood dogs on the front step and amid my distraction, Chloe slipped out. I didn’t notice at first and when I did I called for her, but she didn’t come home. A short while later, a frantic woman came to our door with Chloe’s collar. She had been hit by a car going about 60 mph. We took her to the vet and the damage was so extensive, the decision was made to let her go.

That was one of the saddest days of our lives. To see her suffering and in shock. I leaned over and told her how sorry I was, I cried so hard I could barely speak. I’ll never forget how she looked when I left the room. I just couldn’t stand by and watch the vet give her the needle. I regret that now. I should never have let my girl die alone.

Chloe girl,

you came into our lives a year ago, but you loved us for a lifetime. Always remember..we didn’t rescue you…YOU rescued us. We will never forget your gentle nudges, your sweet brown eyes, your playfullness, your spirit, your bed-hogging, and your insatiable desire for tummy rubs. Life will go on, but our sadness remains. I know your playful loving spirit runs and plays with all the other animals.


You are loved forever and always
The Duncans