Chloe Dear Kitty by Kaylin Zimmerman / Kay

Chloe is not dead, but she is my companion whom I’ve been seprated from. Chloe is in Nebraska with my grandma, but I had to move to Arizona with my parents.

Chloe is my sweet baby. Her meow is perfect and sweet. Her fur is so soft. And she purrs so deeply.

She would come sit in my lap and would be soon be asleep. When she came just for sitting and petting her purr was loud and clear and I could feel it through my body. She was always be with me.

I would think about her at school and I couldn’t wait to see her.

When I heard I had to leave I begged my Dad if I could stay. No. I begged my Dad to take Chloe with us. That was a battle already lost. I cry still for Chloe and I will always miss her. She now has 4 kittens.

Congrats Chloe love you!^_^


Love So Much,
Chloe Dear Kitty
Kaylin Zimmerman