Kelly-Boy by Heidi Nunes / Mama

He was my very first dog on my own. He was just a small little white poodle with the biggest brown button eyes and little black nose. I fell in love instantly. We bonded immediately and were never apart for long. We loved to ride on the lawnmower together and cut the grass, we loved to ride in the car together and run in the field with our other dog Timmy. We loved the beach and just being together. He was with me during a diffcult time when my grandmother was ill and he was by my side during my own illness with cancer. Many a tear dropped on his little white head. When he took ill I did everything in my power to help him and to keep him comfortable and when it was time for him to go, he made it easier by looking up at me one last time with those button eyes and saying to me “it’s o.k. I’m ready I will see you again someday”.
I do miss him my best friend and know we will meet again.


All my Love,
Heidi Nunes