Chloe Louise by Brian & Stena Auger / Mommy, Daddy and Gizmo

Chloe was a born in a barn and she spent her 1st year in a bad home. Neglected and left alone, barely ever fed. The guy who had her, tossed her outside in the rain, when he moved. My wife and i found her and took her home. We were going to feed her and then take her to an animal shelter. That plan quickly changed, when she entered our home…she never left.

Chloe was so affectionate, she loved to cuddle and get lovins (hugs and kisses). She slept on the bed with us every night. Every day after work, she would be waiting for us, reaching up for us to pick her up. Always wanted to be held or be close to us. She loved treats and attention. We called her the “Diva” and always said she had an attitude like her mommy. She would growl, if you took her blankets. She loved sitting in the window, watching the birds outside.

A few years later, we got a kitten named Gizmo, she growled when he first came home, but soon started carrying him around and washing him, like he was her own baby. She was such a good mother to him. She played with him and he picked up a lot of her mannerisms. We often called her, mama girl, because of how great she was with the kitten. Soon the kitten grew to be bigger than her, but still she would wash him and keep him in line, if he played too rough.

There are so many memories of Chloe, that we will never forget. Her stealing the roast beef off the stove, her face full of gravy. Defending Gizmo when he was attacked by two dogs. Watching her and Gizmo cuddle. Laying in bed and feeling her gentle paw on our faces, wanting to get under the covers. Her reaching up for us, every day. Laying our heads of her soft, white stomach and hearing that loud purr.

It’s been a month since she was taken from us. It was so sudden and unexpected. A heart defect that couldn’t be healed. Putting her down was the hardest thing we have ever had to do. Though, we are at peace with our decision. We couldn’t bare to see her suffer anymore.

Chloe, Mommy, Daddy and Gizzy, miss you very much. The house seems so empty without you. I sometimes come home, hoping to see you waiting on the table. Giz misses you a lot and he keeps looking for you. Doesn’t understand where his mommy went. You brought us so much joy and happiness. Saw us through tough times and loved us as much as we loved you.

We will never forget you, baby girl. One day we will cuddle together again. Until that day, our fathers will keep you company. You will always be in our thoughts and in our hearts. We love you, Mama Girl,
now and forever.


Love always,
Chloe Louise
Brian & Stena Auger