Chu Chu


" Chu Chu "

 1980 - 1998

" Love In Those Big Brown Eyes " 

Chu Chu came to us one day as a favor to someone else.

"O. K. we'll take her," I said, "But she's not coming in the house."

No dog hair on my furniture no sloppy dish on my kitchen floor,

no begging at our table or smudges on our sliding glass door.

But she made such a dear sweet sound that day wanting to come in.

"Well O. K.," I told her "Come on but you're going right out again."

Well she plopped her chin upon my leg her eyes were so big and brown.

Her hair always tousled over one eye and her ears perked at the slightest sound.

Her feathery tail began to wag. She looked at me with a smile!

"Sit up pretty," I told her and she did for quite awhile.

"What hand is it in?" I asked her. And held both my fists out straight.

Her floppy paw hit my left wrist the one that held her treat.

"Can you give me five?" I asked her. Her paw met mine with a start.

This little dog was not just cute she was also very smart.

She stayed inside the house that night instead of out in the shed.

So what if she found her way to our room and up on the foot of our bed.

She even delighted the neighbors walking around the top of the fence.

Visiting on their patios and making several new friends.

Our good neighbor was startled when he got home from work one day.

Chu Chu had found his doggie door and entered his house to play.

When we moved away from there that neighbor pressed us to say

they could have joint custody,and sit Chu when we went away.

That's the way it was with Chu she amused us every day.

Her exuberance at the prospect of taking a walk, or

her pout if we had to tell her to "stay."

She was a great mail dog. I'd wait at the end of the street.

She'd proudly strut with mail in her mouth then patiently wait for her treat.

We miss her in the mornings her exuberance for each new day.

We find it hard to match that now that she's gone away.

We miss her at lunch time. She knew "Go lie down while we eat."

She did it obediently - - if grudgingly She'd lie right at our feet.

We miss her at supper times If Jack happened to be taking a nap.

She'd let him know it was time by leaping up into his lap.

We miss her at bedtimes She'd be so happy to go.

Sometimes coaxing to go early not caring that we'd miss our TV show.

She reached eighteen years in age it took its toll this year.

We're prompted to say several times a day "It's no fun without Chu Chu here."

Now God will deal with the dog hair but I'm sure He won't be able

to deny the big brown eyes begging a treat from His table.

I don't think He'll mind her sloppy dish on the floor.

Or even reprimand her for smudges on Heaven's door.




Chu Chu