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July 23 1998


Inspired by the massacre of 28 of my family's sheep

killed by four domestic dogs: 2 rottweilers and 2 german shephards.

The Killing Field


Just before dawn

The gray-blue sky was cloud-free,

A cool mist blanketed the brown pasture.

Unsuspecting victims relaxed,

Enjoying the coolness,

That would soon turn into immense heat.

The quiet was suddenly broken,

As the vicious prowlers broke in.

They moved quickly,

Chasing their frightened prey,

Grabbing anything they could.

Tearing at legs,

Latching on to faces and necks.

Their teeth sunk in,

Their claws ripping the skin.

One by one they fell.

The innocent were defenseless,

As they were piled up against the walls.

Piled up on top of each other.

Some died of suffocation or shock,

>From the dead being piled up on top of them.

The merciless predators left no one untouched.

Then shots rang out,

Two of the prowlers fell.

The other two scared ran off.

The sun's heat was starting to set in,

The brown grass now tinted red,

The walls stained,

From the blood shed

In the killing field.


To all the dog owners in the world:

Please! Keep your dogs penned up. My family has had our sheep attacked

three times now. All together we have lost over 30 sheep. All killed by domestic dogs.

This is just too much for a family with kids to go through. We spend hours in the

barn every morning bandaging the survivors and you don't even knowwhat we've

been through until you walk outside one day and find 28 of your pets dead in

the pasture. These sheep were not just animals on the farm they were our family.

Most of them we'd had from Day One. Every one of them had a name and all of

them were worth much more in our hearts than they ever could in money.

The bloodlines can never be replaced. We had prize-winning sheep here and too

many were killed because somebody didn't keep there precious dogs on a chain

or in a pen. And don't think that "our dog would never do a thing like that",

because when they get in a pack anything is possible. And yes we did have the top

of the line fencing and even a llama which is considered the top animal protector.

But one llama is no match for four dogs.

So if you think that by moving out into the country you can let your dog

run loose THINK AGAIN! There are many defenseless animals out here and

your dogs do just as much harm as the wild cyotes.

We are reminded every day of the terrible event that has happened here and

I hope that by other people reading this they will wisen up and take care

of their dogs. Here's another bit of info: if your dogs are caught running

in somebody else's pasture the owner of the property can shoot at will.

It's legal and we do shoot at dogs. If that's not enough reason to keep

an eye on your dogs I don't know what is.



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