Cindle Lillith by Angela K. Scott / Love,



You were gifted to me, from love,
by my first husband right after we had married
A several week old little shelter kitten with long fur of cream and chocolate points
At first quite unsure but then between
your blue eyes and my brown eyes
A quiet connection, we bonded,
and you were a big part of our little family

So softly you stepped into my life,
into my heart, a small being of mostly fur
But with such a big heart and bright soul…Sometimes so aloof but more often
Companioned by your quiet
grace and entertained
by your playful defiance,
Oh, you gave me all of you always,
until the very end, my beautiful little girl

The calmness I felt when
I saw you slumbering in the sun and
the well-being
You gave to me simply by snuggling
close to me and so too your many purrs
The way you would snuggle under
the covers and right against me
was so sweet
Such a bond, a kinship, faithfulness,
laughter, happiness, strength, healing…

A best friend, constant companion,
confidant, comfort – my beloved fur-kid
A innocent being of pure love,
I loved you so very much and
I always will
Memories held dear,
a long life well-loved,
yet I wish we’d had more time
Still we were so fortunate
to have so many years together,
more than most

For eighteen years and seven and
a half months I had you,
we shared so much
Going through everything together:
military moves, two marriages, sickness,
Homelessness, poverty and much much more…
And we relied upon one another
I needed you as much as you needed me,
you helped me to continue going on

You’re advanced age had increasingly
shown itself over our last year together
So fragile, sore, with dementia,
an infected lump..those last months
a steady decline
I had to be the one to make
the painful decision to let you go
and can only hope
You know that I did so
out of kindness and love,
giving you release with dignity

I am a far better person for having known
and loved you and been loved by you
It’s so very difficult to say goodbye
but I take some solace in knowing one day
I’ll leave this darkness and step
into the light and we’ll be together
once again
Not only will you and I be reunited
but with all of my other beloved furkids too

There is an empty space inside me now
but your paw-prints remain on my heart
No longer here but forever felt
and never ever forgotten,
we are connected still
For such a special bond can never be undone
and such a true love lives on always
And as I grieve for you
I also thank you for everything
you were and ever will be

My furry angel has flown home,
over the Rainbow Bridge,
free and at peace now
God holds you close,
you’re young and healthy again and
enjoying all of Heaven
And welcomed by your companion of ten years, Trista Aislinn, together once more
Enjoying eternity in Heaven –
now you’re both my guardian angels
and waiting for me

Your two companions, sisters Kira and Bonney,
who came into our lives seven years ago
They miss you as well and
so we remember you and comfort
one another since you left us
An eternal bond, an infinite love –
in every breath with you I move forward,
for you are
Part of me, now and forever…
Until we meet again
my sweet little girl Cindle Lillith!


{my artwork is "Furry Angel inspired by my Cindle!}
Cindle Lillith
14, Dec 2015
Angela K. Scott