Trista Aislinn by Angela K. Scott / Love,



I found you in a pet store, you were far too young and ill
You reminded me of my childhood feline best friend
I knew right there that I was to be your guardian I held you, there was an instant bond between us
I took you home, I knew then you were caring and true
My best friend, my constant companion, my fur-baby

Over ten years through the highs and too many lows
There was your little heartbeat always by my side
You were ever near, even when I was such a mess You taught me even more about unconditional love
And yes, you needed me just as much as I needed you
You gave me strength, comfort, smiles, so much joy

No matter what I gave you, you gave me much more
A look, a touch, we needed no human tongue at all I could read you as you me, your soul was in your eyes
You would rub against me, butt your head into me
Perch on my shoulders, and always there to lend a paw
My kindred spirit, my love, my special furry child

Your playful antics, your rough kisses on my nose
A soft paw on my face helping to wipe my tears away
You talked to me and understood me like no other
You soothed my pains and truly helped keep me alive
All the transitions, all the struggles, we were together
Little one of love and fur, so many memories we made

For over ten years we shared everything and we loved
Then there came the day when my little angel flew away I was not ready to let you go and I miss you so very much
The loss of you, my baby, it hurts me so immensely
Yet I know you are in a better place and truly at peace
I am waiting for that day when we’ll be together once again… My sweet baby girl Trista Aislinn!


{my artwork "Forever In my Heart" is to all who've lost a beloved pet}
Trista Aislinn
28, Jan 2009
Angela K. Scott