Cindy by Michelle / Michelle

I was 6 years old when we got Cindy, a little girl in search of a best friend. My dad was in search of the perfect hunting partner. After extensive research we found a breeder and went to go take a look. There was my perfect dog. SHe was beautiful. Grey with a brwon head and a brwon sopt just above her buttocks. She was hyper, but sweet. She licked my hand and I knew she was perfect. My Dad thought so too, so she came home with us.

Over the years she and I shared a bond. We grew up together. Even though I was only with my Dad every other weekend…she and I had a bond that couldn’t be broken.

10 years later the bond was stronger than ever, but my baby girl was ripped away from me. Hit by a car on a weekend that I was with my mom. It was the worst phone call of my life. 10 years old…the best hunting dog my Dad has ever owned and my best friend. Now waiting for me at the rain bow bridge.


I Love you Cindy