Cindy by Sandy



June 1 1983 ----- July 7 1999

Springer Spaniel




When you came to us as a stray,

We knew that you were here to stay.

Over the years we’ve traveled miles.

Your zest for life always made us smile.


You gave us love and so much joy.

How we wish you were here to play with your boy.

These past few months we’ve seen you age.

Your beautiful eyes became green like sage.


Your fur became grey your body weak.

We knew some help we had to seek.

When we looked at you it broke our heart.

We knew right then that we were about to part.


We stroked your head and held you tight.

We love you so with all our might.

Goodbye our special faithful friend.

You were loyal and brave right to the end.


Now at last you are out of pain,

God keep you safe until we meet again.