Fred by Samantha



November 14 1995 ----- September 6 1999

Golden Retriever

It Rained the Day You Died


It rained the day you died,

Feelings welled up that I could not hide.

I think the rain was tears of grief,

but that night you died I could not sleep.


For with everything there is a reason.

Yours of which I can not agree on.

You were the best "my baby Fred"

I miss you sprawling out on my bed.


I miss hearing you tromp up the stairs,

and combing out your many hairs.

I miss kissing you "little face,"

I miss feeling your warm embrace.


I miss feeding you a treat after school,

I miss getting you toys that you would chew.

I miss hearing your whimper or whine,

I wish that there had only been a sign.


A sign to know that something was wrong,

So I wouldn't have to see your whole life gone.

Even though you were almost four,

You lived such a life we couldn't ignore.


Where ever we were you were there,

I have so many vivid memories I can share.


Now you are gone and I miss you so much,

I miss saying Sir Frederick David Douglas Dean the first.

Now all the time I have cried and cried,

it rained Fred the day you died.


In Memory of Fred from his "Sam"




I know that you have crossed the Rainbow Bridge

and are waiting for me on the other side.

I'll remember you always and I still cry

because I miss you so much.

I know that you are really happy and I want you

to know how much I love you.

I'll always think of you and keep all the pictures of you up on

my wall.

I love you Freddy.