Cinnamon by Marty / Your Dad

Cinnamon. It has been one week since you left. It was so sudden, I wish I had more time to say goodbye.

Instead of saying goodbye, I want to tell everyone how wonderful you were.

– Who is going to sleep on grandma’s table now ? You were the only one who tried and you got away with it too. – Who is going to climb the stairs at grandma’s to get a good view of the other houses and yards ? I suspect that you will always be there watching. –

You were always the smart one. On weekends, when I was trying to sleep, you were pushing the alarm clock trying to make it go off. When that did not work, you tried pulling the blanket off of me. When that didn’t work, then it was time to grab my pajamas and pull me. I have a secret for you, I was awake, but was playing with you. –

When playing with your friends, you figured out how to save energy. Rather than go crazy chasing them all around, you stalked and waited till they came to you before jumping in. –

You also saw that other dogs wasted time chasing water from the hose. You went right to the source and bit the water right from the hose or attacked the sprinklers to get a good drink. – We also went to the Dogs Walk Against Cancer to remember your sister Shadow. Now I will go to remember both of you. – Run and have fun up at the Bridge. You have so many friends there and you will have so much fun catching up with Shadow, Casey, Bailey, JJ, Dupree, Prince, Freebie, Bianca and if Nonje is there, please say hi.


Rest in Peace my friend,
28, July 2005