Cinnamon by The Martinez Family



March 27 2000


When we first saw you you made our hearts melt.

You already knew how we felt.

You brought us so much joy and love

we knew you were a gift from above.

Some people say "what's all the fuss;

he's just a pet you see...

"but he was more than that to us;

he was a part of our family.


When sadness fills our aching hearts in God we must trust;

and if that is not heal the pain

we know that we will see him again.


So today and everyday we will look up in the sky

and see up above the clouds so high

as if to say "I love you all my family

but please don't grieve too long for me

because now I am pain free.

Celebrate my memories and the happiness you've given me

because soon enough you too will here in heaven with me."


So in memory of our beloved pet "ferretie"

we will celebrate your life by sharing the love that you have given us

and to those who say what's all the fuss

have never known the kind of love you have given us.

We love you forever.


The Martinez Family










The Martinez Family