Cocoa by Kim Mia & Niko



May 8 1987 ----- March 8 2000


I am saying goodbye to my best friend tomorrow

I am leaving her behind

and feeling nothing but pain and sorrow.


She never complained

she never asked why

she never called out in vain

I rarely heard her cry.


She new the meaning of love

and gave nothing but her all

she never questioned our motives

or complained when I called.



To me she was human

Her silly noises and all

she eased our pain with her love

and never let us fall.


She would hold out her heart

as if it were mine

She never trurned her back

or complained she was out of time


Her soul is now at rest

We have now said goodbye

We will now send her our love

and say thanks for your time.


She could never be replaced

But remembered in our hearts

Although she has left our little world

In our memories she will never part...........


Kim Mia & Niko








Kim Mia & Niko