Clair –

as pure as moonlight (named after the piano piece “Clair de Lune”) and had such a gentle spirit!

Unstoppable as a kitten, no barricade was insurmountable for you.

You pushed Grandpa out of his chair to

put him to bed, get your ears scratched and go to Grandma for your evening treats.

You sat in Grandma’s corner of the kitchen waiting for food or a face full of flour.

Somehow you stole Sisters treats.

You never meowed much but reached out with your paw for attention.

You understood two languages maybe three (if we include “cat”)

You loved to chew Alstroemeria’s leaves as long as you could get to them.

We realized you were not feeling well as you became weaker and lost your sight.  But, your sense of smell and great ears helped you navigate.  It was very sad to let you go!  But, we are still taking care of your Sister and will see you again.

Love, the Showman Family

April 2022
Showman Family