Delta Sawyer

Delta came down with lymphoma at the same time my wife and I were also battling our own cancers.  She was the most affectionate girl ever.  She was a leaner, and every time I sat on the steps outside she was right there, pressing against me and I would put my arm around her and pull her even closer.  Her whole body would wiggle (like a tail wag)  and she’d circle around and through your legs like a fish every time I came home.  She loved to go on ATV rides through the woods with us.  I taught her a lot of things, she was really smart.  My heart is still broken having to put to sleep.  Our last month together was spent in a hotel while my wife was recovering from her own cancer fight.  She was so good, loved the staff and didn’t make any noise.   I was so proud of her.  Her time was short, but she lived a very good life on the farm.    I miss her.  I hope I can see her when its my time to go.

April 2022
Doug Sawyer