1996 —- Sept. 9th 2000


My family has had pets of all sorts as long as I can remember.

My old vet use to say when he died he wanted to come back

as one of our pets. For the most part they lived to ripe old ages.

This is the way I thought it would always be.

But then there was you. And I never knew. I saw you at work.

A ferral cat outside in the compound. Your brother had already come

to my home. I brought you home 3 months after him. For years

you kept to yourself and only came to me. But gradually you warmed

to my children too.

Always polite and tidy petite and sweet. The oldest girl adopted

you just as she had done with your brother Moto.

She did rather well she never mothered kittens herself. All seemed well.

But last year you lost weight and the news was grim. CRF.

But everyone said you could live for awhile and be alright.

I spoke to others whose kitties lived for months and even years.

But I didn’t know you only had one kidney to go from not the normal two.

I found out later but there was little left to do.

I nursed you along but it wasn’t meant to be. By 6 weeks you had to go

and you let me know. The look in your eyes and those small little cries.

You never cried before. Through it all you were a trooper.

I never saw such strength. The vets even commented how well behaved

you were through tests and everything. They hated this disease too.

I wanted you to live for years but the disease got the best of me and us.

I never thought I could bring you sleep and death. I never wanted too.

But in the end you wanted to leave and I had to listen to you.

It’s been four months since you left and still we think of you.

You will always be in our hearts. I wish the best for you.

Syd has lost her faith in God. She’s mad you had to leave.

Please shine your beauty in her life and help her find Him again.

Sagan thought she’d bring you back but I told her that you left.

She holds you still inside her heart and keeps you alive but

speaking about you.

Lotus misses you more than the rest of the kitty gang.

But then any mother would feel that way I’m sure.

Pearl continues the potty patrol and Poci has joined in too.

Moto’s hair has grown in again and he doesn’t miss the blood

he gave to you.

It’s been four months and there you lie outside my bedroom window.

I wonder what flower you would want to rest on top of your grave.

It’s good to see you in the sun alongside Heaven’s gate.

I know you live in health and happiness every single day.

We miss you Cleo,

Love always,

Nancy Syd and Sagan


The Kitty Gang – Ben Lotus Moto Stormy Pearl and Poci