Even though Cleo has been dead for 2 years now,

I still miss her so much that I break down and cry all the time.

She wasn’t even my cat really. She was my grandma and grandpas cat.

Whenever I would go to visit them I would see her and just spend the

whole time I was there petting her. She was the best cat anyone

could ever ask for. She would never hiss or bite anyone no matter what.

My grandma found her in an alley one day and took her in.

She had been abused and my grandma brought her in and loved her.

She was never abused or even yelled at with my grandparents or me.

I don’t believe in hurting animals. Whatever they do they don’t mean.

We had her for many years and had a lot of good memories.

Then one day she started not eating and was always seeming sad.

So my grandparents took her to the vet to see what was wrong.

They did some tests and found out that she had a brain tumor from someone

kicking her in the face when she was abused before we took her in.

They said that she would live only for a couple more months but she

would be in pain and she would be miserable.

She took Cleo home so that everyone could say good-bye to her

and Cleo could barely walk or eat.

It was soo sad I thought I would die.

She looked so weak and sad when I looked into her eyes.

I will never forget her.

I love her sooo much and there will always be a place

in my heart for Cleo. (always)