Jan. 1996 — May 1 2001

Shih Tzu

Sassy was given to us about 1yr ago from my stepdaughter.

My husband and I really didn’t want any dogs at that time,

but when she brought her over to the house we fell in love with her

for a very special reason. Sassy was from an abused animal shelter

who previous owner passed away.

She was very miss treated before she came to us.

The look in her eyes is what set me to really get attached fast.

We took her to the vet and got her taken care of and all the shots.

She had some skin irritation so he told me to use medicated shampoo

and they shaved her hair.

I cried she also needed to stay a couple of days to get a check up

but those days went by fast and she came home to a very loving family.

The first night we new she would be with us forever.

I took her every where with me even to see my husband at work

everybody fell in love with her here in the neighborhood they always

came to see her and give her treats. She was very spoiled little girl.

Monday night she was not eating anything and just very lazy so I called

my stepdaughter and she came over to see her.

She said she just was very hot so I gave her a cool bath and made

her comfortable. I went to sleep early this night and my husband

woke up in the morning about 1:00 a.m. and found where she usually lays

when he gets up under our kitchen table.

She was so still and cold she passed in the middle of the night.

My kids came out to see her and just fell apart.

I feel so sad and lonely now every day for the past three days

has been a nightmare.

I just want to say anybody with animals please treat them like

a child they will always be there for you.