Clio by Charlotte Hayes / Char

Clio, you didn’t live in my home, but you were a big part of my life. I don’t know if you knew how much I loved you, but I tried very hard to show you every time I saw you.

You were such a wonderful representative of the Doberman breed! You were dignified, gentle, alert, and proud.

Clio, you never had the title of Service Dog, and you didn’t wear a blanket identifying yourself. You did a fantastic job of picking things up for your Mommy, bringing in the morning newspaper, and keeping her safe while your Daddy was gone.

Your title was more special than Service Dog.

Your title was The Perfect Child.

Clio, I’ll always love you, and I’ll cherish the memories that I have of you. You were such sweetheart, and my heart breaks knowing that the next time I walk into my brother’s home, you won’t be there.

If you look closely there at Rainbow Bridge, you’ll see little Bingo. She’ll remember you. She may have already come to get you so the two of you can run and play. She loves tennis balls, too, so ask her and
she’ll play with you.

I love and miss you, my sweet Clio.


Until we meet again.........
Charlotte Hayes