Cloelyn by Susan Csugi and Family / Mommy and your Family

Cloelyn came to our family in Oct 2003. We had two cat’s already she fit right in with our Family. She really took to me!!. Sitting on my bed at night and I would have a glass of milk and cloe would always wait for me to get done with my milk. I would always leave a little in the glass for her and she would take her paw and put it inside the glass and get the milk that way. I loved when she did that.

Cloelyn also would come to say our prayers with me and my 10 year old Daughter Mariah. She would lay next to her every night and do this and stay with her until Mariah would fall asleep. Cloe would always go to the door in the morning and I would open it to wait for Mariah’s Bus to pull up she would stand there waiting for it and watching us outside and stay there until the bus pulled away. We had three more cats at that time and she would acted like she was there mother making sure
they all got along.

Last Apirl I noticed a lump on her stomach so we took her to the vet. The vet did surgery on her and told us she had cancer. So we take her home and prayed every night that she would live a few more years. She did good for awhile.

This November came and I noticed she was losing weight. The beginning of December came and she was barely eating really just drinking water. We took her back to the vet and he said there was nothing to do for her. We took her back home and cared for her she was getting weaker but she would keep going still jumping on my bed in the morning to wake me up!!.

The last three days of Cloelyn’s life she just layed there. I told her if she had to go it was alright it was like she was not ready to. On December 5, 2005 I thought she had gone into a coma not moving at all. So I sat and talked to her and called out her name she seemed to move her ears when I did that. I held her in my arms til the end I knew that the Lord was coming for her soon. At one point she let out a meow at 10:57. She passed away.

I love you Cloelyn.
Thank you for finding me.


I love you so much,
Susan Csugi and Family