Cloud Warrior by Renee Hartman / Renee Hartman 10/24/08 copyright

Today my heart is broken in two
I lost my dear furfriend
grief tears my heart anew
It’s so damned unfair that he died alone
Too badly hurt to make it home

I’m at my computer eyes burning with tears
Remembering those precious 4+ years
The day we first met him
how he followed us home
How we took him in
no more cold or alone

I remember his courage his heart full of love
His sky blue eyes fur white as a dove
How he walked right in as if he belonged there
And now he’s gone God it’s just not fair!

I remember the funny cat games he would play
Like “Boo! Jump at you”
and of course “Dash away”
I remember how he saved Seven’s sanity and life
beame best of cat friends
How she mourns for him now
right up to the end

I remember the terrible night he was shot
We nearly lost him that night
Was I upset? Hell no I was HOT!
I remember his huge heart
So brave and strong
The strength that he showed us
Thru the night dark and long

I remember his antics and his grand escapades
If we made him mad we got paid back in spades
How he helped raise Seven’s kittens
Did that job very well
How long we will have them
only time will tell…..

Run free Cloud Warrior
over meadow and ridge
And wait patiently for us
At Rainbow Bridge…..


Darling Fur Angel, your poem is getting set to music by a country songwriter at I know he will do us both proud.
Cloud Warrior
23, Oct 2008
Renee Hartman