Cobain by Carolyn Wilson / Love,



November 28, 1994 – July 7, 2001

Tears are flowing and flowing drop by drop
I am wondering if they will ever stop.
You see, I lost the best friend that I ever had.
She was my dog; her breed; a black lab.

From the very beginning, she loved me so.
This kind of love I thought I would never know.
Cobain was her name and boy did she shine.
She was giving, loving and always so kind.

We grew up together,
learning each other so,
No words had to be spoken we both would just know.
What was needed of each other
in good times and bad.
How happy we were feeling and sometimes how sad.

She always stood beside me ready
to do what it took,
To protect me, to love me, or just give me that look.
That look; is what I miss about her the most.
I can see her now at the foot of my bedpost.

Her eyes always shining from joy,
just by seeing me.
I do not know how life without her is going to be.
Knowing I will see her in the future
somewhere along the way,
Keeps me going and doing what I must each day.

When God created Cobain he must of had me in mind.
Because she came into my life just in time.
To show me love and compassion;
being dedicated to the end,
Nothing can ever replace my very best friend.

Cobain I love and miss you very much.
You are still Mommy’s baby and you always will be.



I miss you so.
7, July 2001
Carolyn Wilson