Cocoa and Tinkerbell by Rebecca / Your family (Becca,Lisa, Erin Bobby, Joe and frie

Never Again

Never again will I see your face never again; will you greet me at the door. Never again will I see your little tiny face; never again will I play with a tiny rope so your little teeth can bite it. Never again will I hear the tiny growl nor the cute little high pitched bark. Never again will I fill your bowls nor walk you when it`s cold. Never again will I get new memories of you and me because once you’re gone I can never bring you back so if I have the strength to let let you go at least I can let you know I don`t want you waiting for me. Just fly away but please to come when you are called because I`ll call for you and then you come back to me but until then go fly free (to the best dogs I could EVER wish for)


WE love you lots more than words can say,
Cocoa and Tinkerbell