Hans by Al & Jackie Ricca / Mama & Papa

Our Hans you have gone to heaven, to a better place in the sky, where you have wings, where you can fly.
Safe in God’s kingdom with the angels you will be, midst rolling green pastures where you can run free. In our thoughts you will never leave us, in our hearts you will always be, in our dreams you will live forever, in our darkness you will help us see.

Our sweet angel, we will think of you when the moonlight glows, when the sun shines strong, when the howling wind blows. The sparkle of a snowflake, the glistening of the morning dew, the silence of the sunset will be your magic flowing through.
When a sun shower passes and a rainbow appears, we will know that it is you kissing away our tears.

We know there will be dark skies filled with clouds of grey, but along with come our “Sunshine Man” showing us the way. You will always be our sunshine, glowing bright and strong, helping us to smile, always guiding us along. We love you and we’ll miss you more than any words can say, but we will be together again someday.


22, Nov 2002
Al & Jackie Ricca