Coconuts by Em / G’ma

Best the world has to offer…

I went to give Em a birthday message on her facebook and Coconuts is there – all cute and with her new heart nametag when that was new. I have a feeling that if she is still alive, it won’t be long. And here it is Em’s birthday… and my heart breaks for her. From that little frisky kitty – climbing on the screen over the pool in Safety Harbor- through the visits at my house when Em and James were out of town, and having to put up with Cappy – and having to put up with moving … and having to put up with Spresso… and now Jacks… She was Em’s kitty. She kept Emmy comforted on lonely nights when James was in Quad – or on call – through thunderstorms and power outages. She knew where to get her petting, and where to get her dinner and where to get her love. She slept on me when they were in Pennsylvania, but I was just a visitor. Someone to check out. She has been there for so many years… but not so long as to be the “old kitty”… she always seemed young because of her demeanor – her agility, her petiteness. She is too young.


With Love,