Conan by Nancy and George / Mommy, Daddy, PeeWee, and Bella

Yesterday, May 22nd you went to heaven. My heart aches, but I find happiness in all the years you loved me completely and unconditionally.

When I saw you at the shelter they let me bathe you even though you were not yet cleared for adoption. You quivered the whole time in my unfamiliar hands. Still you looked up and kissed me.

When we came home from the shelter you stayed tight by my side, following me so close that you sometimes got stepped on. Not once did you pass up the chance to be near me if you could. Even laying in my dirty clothes pile for comfort.

You were so talented. You sang ‘I wuv you’ constantly when other dog’s barked or when you heard us driving home. Generously you did all the tricks I taught you and a few you already knew.

You bared with me as I grew from 18 to 31. From late nights on the town to nice evenings at home with the husband (your daddy). You felt every bit like my baby and daddy’s baby.

Remember the first day you met daddy. You jumped into his jeep as he washed it and he returned you to me. Again, you quivered in his soapy hands. You picked him to be your daddy that day and I am ever so grateful. Together we ache deeply… missing you.

Grammy and Granpy miss you so much already. Their house was your favorite vacation spot. All day buffets and few rules. You loved food so much, as much as you loved people and other doggies.

You also taught me how to be. You cuddled with my friend as she cried for hours on our sofa, while I stupidly left for an aerobics class. Years later she remembered you for this.

You were innately compassionate. When I scolded PeeWee your BIG brother (lab mix) you came over and kissed him on the nose. He and Bella miss you too. Nothing is the same today.

Yes I marvel at how wise you were. You waited to say goodbye to all of us. Taking as many breaths as you could until we all made it home from Grammies. I could not stop petting you that night. How I would have done anything to keep you here.

I hope to feel your presence again. Til then your beddy stays put by our bed. You filled our house with joy.


With Love so Deep,
Nancy and George